Yuki Tamanaha – INTERNATIONAL Diamond

Yuki Tamanaha


Yuki Tamanaha may be one of the most amazing people I have ever met. He long ago became a master in the martial arts, but that is just the tip of what he has become in his life.  This is a man of such mental and physical strength, as well as great depth, commitment, and focus that he can live in the mountains without anything and survive.  No food, no liquids, no jackets, no equipment, no weapons of any kind.  ONLY himself! When Rick Toyosato first discovered 4Life and took it to Japan, Yuki Tamanaha was the first person he told about Transfer Factor.  And of course, he became the second distributor in Japan.  He could totally see the immense impact this would have on all of humanity around the world. Yuki-san introduced 4Life to Tadashi Shinjo and the story grew from there. Japan became the first foreign country on the 4Life map AND the first foreign country to create remarkable sales volume!  We are honored to have such a distinguished gentleman as a member of our Team Bond Family!

Bonnie Taylor

Platinum International Diamond

Team Bond WORLD Team


Group with Bonnie and rick Day 9 Okinawa Meeting and MyHotel 002

entie group Day 9 Okinawa Meeting and MyHotel 027