Yuet-Sheung Cheung – INTERNATIONAL Diamond

Yuet-Sheung Cheung


Since I came to learn about 4Life a few months ago, I’ve come to realize how unique a product line it really is. Not only have I watched how the immune system may be empowered, but have watched what an improved immune system has done for the health of my friends and customers (dramatic improvement, in some cases). I’ve also been able to experience financial freedom by doing the thing I love the most:   Helping people.

In the future, I greatly wish to be able to introduce 4Life to an increasingly wider demographic.

Yuet-Sheung Cheung



Yuet-Sheung Cheung is one of the most diligent women I’ve known in the years I’ve been working with 4Life. Her dedication to both the company and helping the people around her are truly unique. Her faith in the product as well as her positivity are infectious. In only a little more than 6 months her hard work, bright attitude, and dedication have paid off, as she has recently become an International Diamond. I am so proud of her!

Wendy Young


Team Bond WORLD Team


Yuet Shueng Chen 在短短不到6個月的時間就晉升了國際鑽石的位階, 與她談話時我總會聽到她還有多少的人等著她去推薦, 她腦海中永遠在計畫著下ㄧ步該如何走,”行動力”就是她的代名詞, 對於4Life 事業的熱情在她身上表露無遺, 不對自己設限, 樂觀向前, 絕佳的影響力, 都是使她快速完成目標的特質, “當你有心的時候,生命就會找到出路”, Yuet Shueng是用生命來經營傳銷事業的最佳典範!

Yuet Shueng became International Diamond less than 6 short months. You can always feel her aggressiveness when you talk to her and always know she is planning for her next step. “Execution” is what Yuet Shueng about. You will be influenced by her passion immediately about 4Life business. She never sets limit for herself for 4Life business, always has a positive attitude, and always keeps her eyes open looking for the opportunities to reach her goal.   “Where there is will, there is a way “. Yuet Shueng is an excellent example to run 4Life business successfully with passion and commitment!

George Fei



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