Yoko Goto – Diamond

Yoko Goto


The reason I signed up to 4Life was that my father-in-law got sick. At that time,  Immunity was not as popular as now yet.  I remember I was so happy to understand a role of Transfer Factor and I finally found it.  I am grateful to Ms. Morimatsu who introduced it to me and all the others related to Transfer Factor.  I started this business praying for good health for everyone in the world.  Now I understand the true health is for body and mind including financial stability.

Each of us tells dream.  Each of us can have courage to move towards to the dream.  I hope to deliver those messages to people who are looking for a way ASAP.  Thank you very much.

Yoko Goto



I have known Ms. Goto for over 10 years as a friend.  She is also as old as I am.  I respect her a lot in many ways and as wonderful lady.  She is always showing small cares to everyone, paying attention to the whole, acting very precisely.   As she seriously started working for 4Life business, our bonding is getting deeper and deeper.  Our common friend, Ms. Morimatsu, is expecting her a lot, too.  I am looking forward to see her as a big group leader and succeed more and more.

Michiko Iwasaki

International Diamond