Yee Heng Feng “Hank” – DIAMOND

Yee Heng Feng


USA / China / Taiwan

I immigrated into the USA in 1979.  I lived in Los Angeles and had operated a successful seafood business and Chinese restaurant.  In 2000, I changed my career to work for the Cesar Palace Resort in Las Vegas.   In 2007, I went to China Fu-Zhou to work for a computer chips manufacturing firm.  During that time, Blanche Feng sent me information of 4Life Research Inc and I didn’t pay attention to it.  In June, 2011, I went to Taiwan for a medical check up, Blanche Feng encouraged me to visit the Taipei 4Life office for a business presentation.  In the next month, I decided to join 4Life Team Bond.

4Life Research is an business opportunity for residual income.  The product not only help maintain our health, it also helps a lot of people with illness.  I could achieve my dreams through this business.

In Team Bond, I learned the importance of providing system trainings to new distributors.  During the past few months, through team work and support, by working with the system, I believe the Taiwan 4Life will rise to its new level of growth.

4Life Research has a well built compensation plan and unique products, its distributors don’t have any thing to worry but pursue their business growth. I truly believe that my team will grow very fast and I will lead the team into opening the China market.  My ultimate goal is to advance to the Platinum Diamond in 4Life.

Thank you for all the support and let’s advance together!

Yee Heng Feng “Hank”



Hank Feng has been an entrepreneur since he started working.  He has been involved in many businesses, and has accumulated lots of experiences.  I am very excited that my brother finally recognizes the opportunity provided by 4Life Research Inc. and is willing to work with me as a team to capture this rare chance in life to create a residual income.

He did not have much experience in the network marketing business.  He understands that this business has its own fundamental techniques that he needs to learn.  After he visited the Taipei 4Life office for the first time, I only asked him 3 questions: Do you think there is a market for the products?  Do you think this company has a bright future?  Do you think you would make huge profit from it?  He answered all ‘yes’ to my questions.   Simple as that, Hank decided to become a 4Life distributor and started to learn and work from scratch.

Our common goal is to buy a nice and comfortable large residence for our mom, so that we as a family can share our lives together, which was my father’s plan since long time ago.  I am very positive that in the next few years, our dream to share the wealth as a family will come true through working together on building a huge organization in 4Life.

Blanche Feng

Presidential Diamond

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