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February 22, 2011


4Life Tokyo Office, Shinagawa Sea Side East Tower 15th floor

Dr. Jase Khyeam Profile

Born in South Korea, moved to USA 35 years ago, graduated from Medical Department to become a Natural Internal Medical Specialist.

He found Transfer Factor while he ran Khyeam’s Welness Clinic in Silicon Valley, CA for 15 years.  He started leading many patients with difficult challenges towards to natural remedy with Transfer Factor.  Now he serves as a Vice Chairman of World Intractable Disease Federation and travels all over the world to give many lectures on Transfer Factor.

He achieved to Gold International Diamond Rank, which is the second from the top in 4Life Company, in May, 2009.  His wife, Jinsun Khyeam is also a Natural Internal Medical Specialist.

We have been waiting for Dr. Khyeam’s seminar in Japan!  What is the difference between people who succeed and who don’t succeed? Dr. Khyeam has a strong faith as he speaks business basics and practical techniques.  This will be his first seminar in 2011.  We will be looking forward to having as many people as possible there.

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