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Wendy Young
United States



4Life has been a blessing for me. A few years ago I had a case of shingles that never fully resolved even after almost a year. It was only after trying 4Life that I finally recovered my health, and I haven’t looked back ever since. I am sincerely grateful to 4Life, not only for its role in my recovery but also on the impact Transfer Factor has on the immune system.  By strengthening the immune system in a much greater way than ever before, the body regains its natural ability to heal itself of most health challenges from simple infections to malignancies………I have seen these almost miraculous effects with my own eyes. Health is something that is not to be underrated, and being able to restore health to others is something I’m proud to be doing. 4life also improves the lifestyle of its distributors by being a fantastic business opportunity in a field that has yet to be tapped. Being able to earn financial security while helping others is a very rare opportunity, and I’m glad to have found it with 4life.

Wendy Young



Wendy’s trade make is her warm smile.  She helps her downlines wholeheartedly, with patience and kindness.  You will be impressed by her definite goal with 4Life when you talk to her. Her thoughtfulness and consideration toward her downlines is highly appreciated.  She’s always doing above and beyond to help her downlines, to develop the organization and to train leaders.  Her success in 4Life is the perfect demonstration of how you can make your dream come true through 4Life.

George Fei


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