Flag image credit: Andres Virviescas / EyeEm

Team Bond welcomes Colombia to our Team Bond International family!!

You have watched Team Bond grow into multiple countries, but as we have told you, there is still room for much more growth. You can utilize this opportunity or let it slide past you!



We also welcome our newest distributor in Colombia who will be leading this team: Felipe Castano!


Felipe Castano


“I love the energy and I see potential for big things. I am very excited. I love challenge and the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.” – Felipe Castano


To our Team Bond family:
This is an opportunity for you to participate in our newest endeavor in Colombia! Who do you know there or who can you find from there? Do your due diligence and recruit some viable people. Start their training very quickly (you have access to all of our training, so you will know what to do) and send me their names and contact information please. We will be adding Spanish to our website and particularly to our ‘Getting Started’ pages. Learn to utilize this site to help you recruit.

-Bonnie Taylor, Platinum International Diamond