Watch Platinum BONNIE TAYLOR’s Passport to Freedom Training! BREAKING FREE

The first few speakers of the day had greatly enthused the crowd at the 2012 4Life Passport to Freedom Convention. As each speaker spoke with great words, and outstanding hype in their yelling in excitement, the crowd was very much receptive to what was about to come to them….. Platinum Bonnie Taylor. As she was introduced, it was already obvious to the crowd of over 8,000 attendees that she had worked very hard to overcome the amazing challenge of having an incapacitating stroke just 1 1/2 months before this Convention, and yet she was still there for all of them… and they knew it. Tears flowed freely in the audience, as well as with Bonnie Taylor as she carefully approached the speaker podium to express her appreciation toward everyone. Then… as is her way… speaking softly… she still carried that big stick of knowledge that everyone came to learn. Everyone was dead quiet as they listened to her soft, damaged voice… applauding the knowledge she was giving them… and the great inspiration she has always given them…with this day being the greatest of all. Please enjoy Bonnie’s soft, but powerful speech that took over 8,000 people from all over the world by the heart, giving them the inspiration to succeed through their own challenges. This day will never be forgotten.