To Team Bond…

I totally agree with having father taking a big amount of TF.  We take that amount of TF even with cold.  We have experienced that recovery is quicker with more TF so many times.  When we offer TF to my father, we have to do it very quickly so nobody else would see it.  With TF, we don’t see swelling at all on faces or hands from intravenous drips which are common for patients effected to brain.  He totally looks like asleep.  Everybody visiting him is very surprised with this truth.  That looking is helping us family to
lighten our burden in our minds.

Still, we have to tell you a difficult report.  As I mentioned before, he will not be able to avoid paralysis on the right side and aphasia.  Even for his memory, it is highly possible he does not remember much.  He has not regained his consciousness yet either.  Even if he woke up, it is likely very possible he will not be able to swallow and cough by himself.  Once he gains his health back, he will get nutrition through  a tube to his stomach. However, he may be able to eat food by himself after rehab, then he can get
rid of the tube to his stomach.  This would be a great way to prevent virus infection.

As of today, we understand he is at the possible condition in which he would be able to ride a wheelchair after a rehabilitation.

His hemorrhage occurred at a very difficult spot.  He may have more and more obstacles in future.

But, I can tell you this clearly.  Our family has not given up our hope.

We have been doing everything possible as we accept the current situations!

Even if my father loses memories, we will make new ones.  We don’t have to be so pessimistic.  We don’t feel sorry for him.  We don’t think this situation is a tragedy.  He is #1 for me in the world.  And he will be in the future, too.  I will still keep respecting him and connect with him in the same way as before.

We have re-realized the amazing products and business through these experiences.  We feel it is our responsibility to deliver the message to people.  My father had been talking me into attend the convention this year for a long time.

I am not sure why he encouraged me to attend the convention so strongly only for this year.  But I am sure he meant I had to attend.  That is why I made my mind to attend.

Our American mother,  I have one good news. My father’s friends like nurses have been handling many things to make it
possible to move him back to his hospital in Fukuoka soon.  They are away from Ooita, but come to check on him and made arrangements to send him back to Fukuoka.  We will be watching him and set up a date for that.

When we were talking about sending him back to Fukuoka, maybe he heard about it.  We believe he was smiling.  That will make us all feel relieved.  I have a very good friend who is a dental hygienist.  The friend visit this hospital in Fukuoka for oral care.  That friend will be able to clean my father’s mouth once he moves to his hospital..

My father is mentally strong very much.  We were raised by him very strongly.  Our family is bonded very strongly.  We are unbeatable with everybody’s prayer.

We appreciate all of you very much.