Uemura UPDATE!! May 18, 2010

Dear Bonnie,

Thank you very much for your support.  I have not had much time to e-mail lately. I apologize for my slow response.

I appreciate your understanding.  I am very happy to hear One-by-One was  taken well by everyone.  I will report that to Father tomorrow.  I believe one-by-one is easy to work on for everyone, reasonable, also it magnifies the greatness of 4Life Plan.  I hope to deliver this to many people, too.

Regarding my father’s condition, we are planning to have him start rehabilitation officially in two weeks.  He is currently taking rehabilitation to sit in a wheelchair for a while.  I heard he is very obedient and positively taking his rehabilitation.  While we were  visiting, he tried to get up using left hand and leg.  I am afraid it is very hard for him not to being able use his right hand and leg (He is right handed.) However, I am very impressed with his power/will.  Especially we are  amazed with his eye power.  He even encourages us.
He understands all the conversations.  He nods and shakes his head to respond us. After three month rehabilitation, they will decide if he could stay here or he needs to move to another hospital. He is taking TF and Riovida in nutrition every day.  His skin looks very luster. I will report to you again.  Please send our appreciation to the Team Bond Leaders from our family.