UEMURA Update and Message for Team Bond

To Our Team Bond Family,
My entire family want to thank you for the many prayers and concerns
you have shared for our situation.  My mother, Keiko Uemura, has held
her condition inside herself for so long, but now wants our Team Bond
Family to know about how she is and the miracles she has experienced
for so many years.
Before she ever knew about  4Life, she already had last stage cancer that
transferred to her lymph system. The cancer was called Triple Negative
which was a very difficult form of cancer.   She did not take any medication,
and only relied on TF, TFP and other products to help her and give her energy.
My mother has had many years with 4Life because of our products.
Even now, in her current advanced cancer, she doesn’t have pain and is

very peaceful.

She worked the 4Life business for her life. She is still giving very powerful

business advice  when her 4Life family comes to visit her. She loves 4Life
and our Team Bond Family, and she continues to provide big support for so
many people.

My father still has after effects, but he is doing great from his stroke.  However,
he had to accept my mothers condition.  He understands and realizes how
things are for her, even though it is so hard.  He is transported from his

hospital to hers often so they can spend time together as much as possible.

My whole family understands and accepts everything.  I have organized

my mind myself.  I just need to accept and overcome everything we must
face.  I have assumed our family’s responsibilities,  and I can overcome.
My mother is very calm as well as I am.  My whole family is very quiet and
spending quality time together.  We are not showing tears, but spending
precious time together.  We know that my mother will feel better when she

can go to a wonderful place.

We will still have challenges.  However, we will not quit, nor run away, and
we will keep moving forward with 4Life and Team Bond.

Please deliver our family’s appreciation to all of Team Bond’s members.

Thank you very much.