Tomoko Mohideen – PRESIDENTIAL Diamond

Hawaii-USA / JAPAN


I started the 4Life business in 2005 because their products saved my life when I was told that I could not survive the needed brain bypass surgery to prevent an imminent stroke and their targeted products also prevented a spine surgery that I am now pain-free and able to walk without a cane.  Firmly believing in 4Life’s products, what better and an enjoyable way to do business and at the same time help many people improve their health and wellness.  I feel that I am still working in patient care and am very happy for the opportunity to meet such wonderful people beginning with the top executives, my wonderful top leader, Bonnie Taylor, fellow distributors and customers and to be able to bring the best available supplement, Transfer Factor, products to the world.

Tomoko Mohideen



What a joy and a surprise it was for me to meet Tomo Mohideen at one of our Team Bond Conferences in Hawaii! Meeting Tomo is like opening a very special gift!  To begin with, she has the most gentle and loving aura about her entire being.  As you speak with her, this incredible depth comes shining thru with her life’s experience, her knowledge and most of all her wisdom. She seems to carry thousands of years of insight within her!  When you hear her life’s story and what had to be endured, you wonder how such a kind and wonderful person has emerged. As a nurse, along with her deep caring of others, it has been natural for her to bring 4Life and Transfer Factor into her life.  She has helped so many to recover from various challenges and given them a much better quality of life. She is an outstanding representative for our company, our products and certainly for Team Bond Hawaii!

Bonnie Taylor

PLATINUM International Diamond

Team Bond WORLD Team


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