We had a wonderful meeting in Japan Tokyo 4Life office on Feb22 Tue. It was packed in our lecture room, and people from Hawaii, Philippines and Kobe etc. It was like Team bond Family Reunion, and we are all enjoyed meeting together.That is why I love this business.

First part was more Products in shoes of distributors…how to deliver our important message to the public and not to focus on
patients..but in wellness view point of Immunology, we have to introduce all for the body needs for each person, and it was so effective, and they were so amazed by this valuable information.

Last part of the lecture is more business aspects, and it covers how to be successful in our business preparing mentality and using our system, but most important thing was you are the responsible for your success and your people’s success..and  there is no limit what you could achieve thru this 4Life business that was great also..

I felt new live spirit came from all Japanese  Distributor’s, and they will make it happen in Japan.. WOW !!!!

Dr. Jase Khyeam

GOLD International Diamond