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Timothy & Carol Chu
USA / Taiwan / China / Hong Kong


It feels very good to be helping people.  My decision to join 4Life a few years ago has already changed the lives of hundreds of people and their families.  Being able to help people accomplish good health and financial freedom is an indescribable joy.

Tim Chu

International Diamond


Timothy Chu 展現了ㄧ位好的領袖應具備的所有特質, 雖然這是他的第一份傳銷事業, 他卻展現出了不起的企業家風範, 他對4Life的前景以及產品市場的巨大潛力從來沒有懷疑過, 在他的組織成員面前他永遠充滿了企圖心進而能帶動組織強勁的的成長, 在過去的幾年裏, 我們一起合作開拓了美國的華人市場, 並為進軍全世界的華人市場培養領導人才, 我深感幸運能有這樣ㄧ位充滿著熱情並努力不懈的的好夥伴為我們的華人團隊加添力量, 成為大家學習的好榜樣!

Timothy Chu possesses the characters that a good leader should have.  He manifests a great entrepreneur, who would have guessed this is his first MLM encounter.  He has no slightest doubt about the future and the potential market of 4Life.  In his organization, he always shows his ambitions and therefore leads the whole organization to rapid growth.  In the past few years, we worked together to develop Chinese market in USA, and also to cultivate the leaders for expanding Chinese market.  I am so fortunate to have such a passionate partner who is our role model to build up our Chinese team.

George Fei

International Diamond


Tim and family in the mountains

2-14-10 Tim with leaders at office meeting