Thelma & Reno Benasfre RN BSN – PRESIDENTIAL Diamonds

Thelma & Reno Benasfre
USA / Philippines


Just before I discovered 4Life, I was always fond of using Natural products…

In 2003, it was a coincidence that the online company where I ordered all our natural supplements was closing.  One day as I was shopping at a frame shop, I accidentally met Barbara Wagner. She noticed how active I was. A friend of mine commented to her that, yes – Thelma is active, but she’s so stressed with her forthcoming 50th Birthday, and not having the supplements she needs because her natural supplement company is long gone!  Barbara was stunned.  She realized my need to hear about 4Life and gave me video to look at.  At first I ignored Barbara’s calls because I was busy planning my 50th birthday party. However, in order to please her, I sent her an invitation, and I bought the products I needed.  Just before I left, she asked if I wanted to be a Distributor.  All I would need to do is purchase a kit with my order and I would be in a position to earn income from 4Life.  Since 1988 I have been in Networking, and I have never seen a kit costs that little….normally they range from $249 to $550… so I joined.  In two months time I became Diamond, and I attended an Academy4Life, followed by 4Life’s International Convention in Sept. 2004.  At our Team Bond event we even performed a Filipino Folk Dance (which I choreographed). Since then I have built my team in the Philippines, and I became Presidential Diamond in October 2004. I have never missed a 4Life convention (with one exception of the 2009 Florida convention, which fell on Mother’s Day week end).  However we registered for 4Lifes 2010 BIG Convention on the first day of registration.  We are all set to go………….as well as attending the TEAM BOND Conference held in Long Beach, California…. Can’t wait to get that special Boost from attending these events!

Marian Thelma Benasfre RN BSN



Thelma and Reno have been a delight to have in Team Bond.  They carry with them smiles and positive thinking wherever they go. This is infectious to the people around them.  Thelma is an RN and brings this knowledge and experience to her 4Life business.  She and Reno have worked in the real estate business for years, however, our amazing products and opportunity have captured their attention.  Their hearts are big.  They love helping others every chance they get. They travel between the U.S. and the Philippines building their business with both family and friends, while they are energized to go to the top!

Bonnie Taylor

PLATINUM International Diamond

Team Bond WORLD Team


2006 March 4Life Convention and Team Bond Events 3 539

2006 March 4Life Convention and Team Bond Events 3 561

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