So, now you know that Transfer Factor is scientifically real and medically recognized with it’s 3600+ proof positive clinical studies shown on PUB MED! 4Life Transfer Factor is even in the Physicians Desk Reference book that most doctors own today! Let us see how it is applied!

4Life’s patented TRANSFER FACTOR is not the only product we offer to the world… it is, however, the basis for nearly all of our products! We not only offer natural “targeted” TF products, but great selections for every avenue of health, fitness and one’s well being! The “Targeted” TF products alone are worth looking into because they are made for specific areas of your body… and we do not stop there! We even offer the most commonly used items, such as TF based Tooth Paste, and all natural hygiene products. Our skincare line, “Enummi”, takes hygiene and skincare to the next level! 4Life also has supplements and proteins for those interested in weight loss and/or positive gain! 4Life has a Team of famed professional athletes from all over the world speaking up on behalf of 4Life products. They are called Team 4Life! These athletes are not paid, but actually take the 4Life products! They are now involved with 4Life because of the products offered and endorse them greatly. 4Life doesn’t stop with people products; we make a full line of proven animal products as well! These are widely used in Farmlands, Ranches and Kennels all over the world!

If you haven’t figured it out yet, 4Life Products are a person’s ticket to immunity and over-all health!

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