The Annual Holiday Call!

Team Bond aired our annual holiday call for 2021 on January 12th/13th; it is posted below if you would like to see it! We have done this call for the last 22 years with the participation of 4Life top executives and 4Life top leaders. It is always so motivational for all of us and a great way to kick off the new year!





We thank our top executives for their valuable input every year and we also thank our Team Bond star performer, Dr. Jase Khyeam, for organizing and producing our call! He goes above and beyond the call of duty when organizing anything and we can always expect a superior result. He is one of the most amazing leaders I have ever worked with. He is a true performer, in every sense of the word, as he loves his team and helps each person to achieve their goals by giving the best training in the world. It is so much more than that as well. We love and appreciate his amazing spirit and talent!

Team Bond is present in over 30 countries and many of them were on this 2021 call. Happy New Year to everyone!

Bonnie Taylor, Platinum International Diamond


Thanks Bonnie! You are a great leader I like! Team Bond is a bonding family around the world and our leaders sent me a lot of compliments and motivation after yesterday’s zoom Team Bond conference. Thanks again to all 4Life Executives and Sponsors for showing and participating all this love and attention for Team Bond!!!!!!!

Have a great year!!!

Taking Transfer Factor to the world!!!

Dr. Jase Khyeam, Platinum International Diamond


Thank you for your kind words and for letting us participate once again on your annual call. We always love it and are impressed with so many new people listening in. You’ve built a wonderful team! We wish you a very good New Year.

David and Bianca Lisonbee, Founders of 4Life


I have been watching the call as I have been working today and it is so wonderful to hear and see everyone on Team Bond!

Danny Lee, 4Life President


It’s always a pleasure to participate on your annual call. Great organization, phenomenal leadership, fantastic night! Thank you!

Calvin Jolley, Vice President of Corporate Communications


Thank you for allowing me to speak for a few minutes. It was a great call with great energy. Congratulations to you and your team for the success that you all have had and will continue to have going forward.
Jeffrey Kalinin, Senior Vice President, International


Mr. Shinjo, Manabu, Teruyuki, Kurosawa san, Michiko san, and Rumiko san were very happy and very impressed. They all sent you their best regards!
Yoshiko Kandori, Team Bond Executive Assistant


Congratulations! It was a wonderful meeting!
Timothy Chu, Team Bond Taiwan Leader


It was a real day for me to feel a good business will come with good sponsors. 1st PID, Ray looks much healthier than before. Bonnie’s genuine smile and kindness, I would be like her as mentor. Barbara Wagner, I remember her energetic dancing at the USA conventions. Dr. Jase and Dr. Jinsun, thanks for preparing this wonderful zoom Team Bond conference. I was always touched whenever I meet Founders of 4Life, for their mind and spirit. Executives and HSAB gave us new sight of 4life and thanks for developing new products and encouraging speeches. Thanks to all of our sponsors, and thanks to Dr.Jase and Dr. Jinsun. I start small, but I will be big at the end. We all will rise big on 2021. Fighting!!!
Kang Ok Nye, Gold International Diamond


Thank you for the meeting!! Very inspirational and motivational!!
Lim Bee Hoon, Team Bond Malaysia Leader


Great event, Dr. Jase… thank you for making it great even for us… and Bonnie: we love you!
Agung Dwija Saputra, Gold International Diamond


Thank you to all of our sponsors and great family in Team Bond. Team Bond Indonesia will “Run As One” in 2021!!!
Muhammad Nur Ali, Gold International Diamond


Thanks to all and it is valuable energy we all felt!!!
Jeff VP touched me so much. After the 2020 results analysis, WE do not wait for things to get better, and there are 18 countries who got 2 digits growth in sales. We, as in Team Bond top leaders Bonnie and Dr. Jase and other good leaders together, are advanced in many aspects and it showed greatly through this Team Bond conference. Team Bond fighting!
Choi Suk Yoon, Gold International Diamond


It was like a person-to-person meeting when I saw all of the executives, upline sponsors, and brother lines from the USA, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and more. It was very passionate and had great energy! It’s thanks to all that We Run As One!!!! Also, thanks to Dr. Jase and Dr. Jinsun for preparing day and night for this event! God Bless and grace to all!
Grace Chun, Platinum International Diamond


Best conference providing vision and value for all of us in Team Bond!!! Thanks to the USA home office Executives and Doctors Research Team, Sponsor Lines- Barbara, Bonnie, Ray, and Jase & Jinsun.
Choi Ki A, Gold International Diamond


Thanks for all of your hard work for the wonderful Team Bond Event! It showed to the world that we do have the best sponsors and great home office executives with Founders for 4life. Team Bond proved to be the best!!! I am so touched to be a member of Team Bond! I was so touched by this wonderful event!!!! We love you Jase and Jinsun, PIDs. Team Bond Runs as ONE!!!
Jung Kwang Rae, Gold International Diamond