Teruyuki Isokawa


My 4Life Story

December, 2003, Mr. Junji Kidani, my current leader, talked me about 4Life.  I was impressed with success stories by many people, confidence and passion by Mr. and Mrs. Kidani.  I was not quite sure at the beginning, but it was through my reliable friends so I started taking 4Life products to see if they were good,,,,,,   A few months later, I was feeling my health was improved.  As I recommended to my family, they started taking wonderful products.  Now those products are our necessity for our family.

I also listened to business chance stories at the same time.  I read through so many books about Network Business as well as I checked through information about 4Life on internet.  I gained important information about products and the company through 4Life Homepage.  I felt confident and feeling this chance could bring me wonderful profit and compensation, and also chance to do “What I believe in” as my deceased father said, who passed away when I was still a student.

I have many dreams. One of them is to activate my home town, Mihara-city, Hiroshima-prefecture to deliver “Together, Building People” from Mihara-city to the world.  I want to make Mihara-city as a place for children and unborn babies becoming adults in future to be a proud city which my father loved and he was also worried about.

I truly appreciate Kidani-san, who moved me and invited me to 4Life, and Bonnie-san and Team members.

The company philosophy as “Together, Building People” which made me help to image my dreams and “Service” which 4Life is actually practicing….  Possibility to change lives of many people around us together.  Those are huge differences from other companies.  I spend my energy to this company because this is the company to aim to build people’s lives.  Team Bond is also so powerful.  I feel I am a member of a big family to be welcomed and supported so warmly.  It is such a huge relief too.  Thank you so much!!!


Teruyuki Isokawa

Presidential Diamond


Message from Junji Kidani, International Diamond

I have originally had an image of him as we could always rely on anything like phones, copy machines, computers etc. in my company.  So, I was hoping to work with him if I was starting a business.  That was the reason I approached him the first.  Teruyuki Isokawa has such integrity.  I cannot thank him more to be my partner.

He and I both appreciate what Bonnie is teaching us together.  I want to raise and grow ourselves each together.  I thank 4Life, Bonnie and many of Japanese and Indonesian families for me to be able to build relationships like this.  I hope to support his success and make his dreams come true as well as I will grow.

Teruyuki-san, let’s fire up Team Bond together!

Junji Kidani
International Diamond