Team Bond Promotes ANIMAL Health with 4LIFE Products

“Animal’s are people too!”. Whom hasn’t heard that statement? Well… truth be told… they are our pets and family of sorts. Not to mention being some of the worker animals that produce what food we get from Farms! They are truly valuable beings in ways of love and life for us all… and so they should be treated as such! Transfer Factor is not species specific, and it has effect on out loving pets and working animal friends just as it does with us humans. 4Life has gone to extreme measures to put together natural formulas to promote health for these animal friends of ours! Targeted per species to do what is best for that species! Dogs, Cats, Horses, Cows or Cattle…. all can benefit in health as their own bodies are able to do best what they were designed for! A healthy animal leads to a healthy planet!

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