TEAM BOND Moving Forward – Now an Umbrella for ALL

As time moves forward, and growth happens, so does the thinking of what may continue to be a successful path for this Team. Our time is NOW… with team Bond and 4Life!

Greetings ALL!

Today marks the beginning of a new era of Team Bond in the 4Life World. One that encompasses the many business that make it up and of whose participation’s allow the 4life Dream to grow within those individual businesses all over the world. Team Bond is now being forwarded with new directions that keep within the same thinking process of fantastic growth, but now with the power of individual creativity known to inspire great thinking. Team Bond has shown everyone for years the basic formulas of a successful business model in the network marketing world. One that has been utilized by all the great network marketers that came before us. In the founding of Team Bond, it has been Bonnie Taylor’s goal to make certain everyone she encountered had that knowledge embedded into their beings to be used in each person’s journey toward the success they seek, and how they wish to accomplish it. It is the way of network marketing that all distributors eventually grow beyond that of their upline, making their own way and teaching others to be successful individuals as well through those early basic teachings. Everything our members have learned to date is invaluable, and proven to work. However, with growth will always come new ideas, and with new ideas, new goals emerge. All these are always based on the basic knowledge that has been passed down from great networker to great networker… and now to all of us. WE have the choice of our business model. Team Bond stands for independence, with the proper support systems of a family atmosphere. We are proud to encompass all businesses in the massive leg in the 4Life family that are below, or even above our founder Bonnie Taylor should those distributor’s wish to be part of the dream we are spreading in everyone’s successful journey’s.

After an important meeting today with some fantastic leaders, and an additional meeting with Bonnie herself regarding that meeting’s discussions, it has been decided to promote these great facts among all whom encompass the massive leg that represents ALL the businesses in Team Bond, no matter which system they choose to teach. The system once known as the Team Bond system still exists, and is very important as the “basics” for the knowledge that will be carried forward in individual interpretations, if not word for word as a choice. This system will now be known as an The Advanced Networking Training System that will encompass 3 types of training within it… the Product Builder, and the Business Builder. The third is a new system that Bonnie had written just before her stroke, and of which was supposed to be released at Convention 2012. It is Leadership Training. This will be released soon for all to view, and even discussed with Bonnie herself on a Team Bond Call soon. This system will always remain intact for those wanting to refer back to it in it’s use in each businesses successful journey. It should be known that this is the system upon which others may be created, or modified from… and of which is the basics of all successful networking gurus that came before us. It is yours to do with as you see fit. As successful business owners with your own distributorships, you have the power to choose the system you believe best fits your way and business model. But always remember these are the proven basic building blocks of networking success. We are always Team Bond in our core beliefs, and we are now adding new options of choice and individual creativity for everyone to be part of their own success. This is what you have trained for all these years… to make your own success within a strong, ethical family.

Bonnie Taylor has shown us all what can happen when we apply ourselves. It is now up to all of us to remember her example, and make our own way within what we have been taught. You may always consult with your team mates and your upline for the answers you seek, but know it is YOU that makes the difference in how those answers are applied. YOU are the secret ingredient to your own success!

As your upline, my family is always here to assist in your success journey. All leaders in Team Bond have the same great quality within them that they have learned for years…. The integrity of helping each other succeed. This will always remain true and become even more powerful in the immense growth we are about to undertake in the explosion of Momentum we have all been anticipating. Groups may diversify into several in order to promote more growth, and individual business plans. That stated, we will always be the Team Bond Family that was created for this positive time of intense growth. You all know what you are to do, and we will continue to assist you with everything we can. The New Era has begun…. and we are ever changing, based on the basics we have learned, in order to keep up with a quickly growing world. We have no doubt that Team Bond will continue for as long a networking exists, building the dreams and successful businesses during that entire time. YOU have the power and the tools to make what success you will.

Our current Top Leaders will soon have a “Summit” meeting of sorts, elaborating on the true core beliefs that have been handed down from those before us, and even the new ones that have been learned through our experiences to make up the great umbrella of what Team Bond has become. These will be our guiding principles that will continue to evolve as we learn more and more through our amazing experiences together.

Success is everyone’s right! Team Bond will help you get there with what ever system you wish to utilize.

In my upcoming travels for Team Bond, Bonnie Taylor will accompany me via video conference wherever we go in the world until she may be cleared to once again travel among the groups and countries that make up our Team Bond. Let us hope she get’s clears soon to that we may all have a chance to hear her story in person to inspire us for years to come.

Bonnie Taylor wishes to thank all the members of Team Bond, especially those proven to take their teams toward success. Leaders like the family Uemura, Mr. Shinjo, Barbara Wagner, Dr. Jase Khyeam, Kurt and Melanie Kuhn, Mr. Kidani, Grace Chun, Kang Ok Nye, Leon Theissen, George Fei, Timothy Chu, Wendy Young, ChoiSukYoon, Ms. Iwasaki, Mr. Inafuku, Mr. and Mrs. Nakayama and literally countless others who are invaluable to our Team. These leaders, and you have made Team Bond what it is today, and everyone should look to their upline’s as examples of how to make one’s dreams come true.

We are TEAM BOND! We are forever BONDED together in our goals of bringing the dream, and Transfer Factor to the people of our world!

Kurt Kuhn
Kuhn Global, Inc.
GOLD International Diamond
4Life Research Independent Distributor
4Life Research International Advisory Board
Team Bond International
Clovis, CA.
United States of America