Team Bond Congratulates Katsumi & Izumi Sawa – MARRIED 9/25/2010

Team Bond Hawaii members, IzumiNewton and Katsumi Sawa married on September 25, 2010.


Izumi Newton, our World Team Member has been with us for some time and now celebrates her joyous marriage to Katsumi Sawa.
Their good friend, Tomo Mohideen tells us how they met…
Mr. Sawa is a very good businessman and he has several businesses, one being a real estate company.  Izumi working in a Title and escrow Co., knew Mr. Sawa through business for several years but only as a friend.  When she approached him as a prospect for 4Life, he, having liked her,.   showed no interest  (strategy for several more meetings about 4Life).  She asked me to go along and talk to him with her so we had dinner and since Izumi and I had plans for karaoke after dinner, I invited him along.  He went home and walked over to the karaoke and caught a ride with her going home.  I liked him from the very first time I met him because he had the most beautiful cute smile with even his eyes smiling and he sang very well.  I felt that someone who enjoys singing and knew so many songs must be a nice person and a happy one.  So, whenever Izumi and I went karaoke, I asked her to call him to come and join us and he came every time.  One evening, again at Karaoke with a husband and wife downline of mine, Izumi told me that she was dating Mr. Sawa which made me very happy.  Soon after, they got engaged with him hiding her beautiful diamond ring in a glass of champagne,, hoping she wouldn’t swallow it.  They are both very happy.  He went to the Utah convention and told Izumi that he is going to overtake her in the 4life business.
Thanks to Mr. Sawa, Team Bond Hawaii’s meeting place now takes place in his impressive office on Kapiolani Blvd. in Honolulu.  We
appreciate that we are now able to hold trainings for our distributors and introductory sessions for our prospecting partners and customers.
Picture #1:
“You are so beautiful to me!”
Katsumi and Izumi just before the ceremony at the Central Union Church.
Picture #2:
Pronounced “Man and Wife!”  HAPPINESS!
Picture #3:
Mr. and Mrs. Katsumi Sawa!
Picture #4:
Happy bride and groom at the Waikiki Yacht Club reception.
Picture #5:
Newly weds, Izumi and Katsumi Sawa at the lanai of the Halekulani Hotel with Diamond Head in the background.