Team Bond Comes Together Once Again!

The sun shined on yet another great day for Team Bond International at the 2016 4Life UNITED Convention in Atlanta!


With the morning sessions completed, the day was now left open for the parties of groups to happen. This, by the way, is a concept that Bonnie Taylor pioneered in 4Life while in it’s earliest days (even prior to Team Bond’s existence) of which is now a main part of Convention for every team to do. This day would be no different as Team Bond International is thriving and it’s members are true family!


In attendance this day of our own immediate family was Rick, Paige, and Kaylynn Sigmen, along with myself, and we were all excited to be there to represent the Family that began with Bonnie Taylor.


Another platinum rank in Team Bond accepted the reigns of hosting the Team Bond event this year… Dr.’s Jase & Jinsun Khyeam! Walking through the Convention Center toward the grand room, where our new Hosts placed the celebration, provided many emotions for me… excitement, wonder, and a bit of sadness that the Team Bond founder would not be with us this day. She and the Family had been the planners of this event from the beginning, and it was a new experience to have that great and joyous responsibility passed to another great Host Team. But the time had definitely come, deservingly so. As we walked, we suddenly saw many members of Team Bond, in amazing Formal Wear and Gowns of their own cultures, and viewed some in equally amazing 1920’s dress… which was the theme of Team Bond International’s 2016 celebration. Everyone looked amazing!! Walking into the grand room was a fantastic experience in itself. The smell of the foods adorned the air, and the low lit ambience of what looked like a 1920’s grand celebration hall was in front of our eyes. The vast amount of round tables covered the area, surrounding a stage with a large monitor above it. As my senses took it all in, I then noticed that there was music playing from the 1920’s! This was perfect, and I felt like I had stepped back in time with a vast amount of our World Family that were now all Time Travelers! The Khyeam’s had really succeeded with their planning, providing a perfect evening! It was GREAT!


Knowing that my mother was greatly missing everyone, due to not being able to travel, I knew she would want to see it all, so I began taking as many photos and videos as I could. As the crowd entered, and dinner began, everyone rang with happiness in seeing each other yet again on this journey we have all taken on. Our Team Bond Family from around the world was once again United, and it was apparent with the Celebration that would follow dinner.


Dr.’s Jase and Jinsun Khyeam really shined as Hosts, and we are all extremely blessed to have them as one of Team Bond International’s leading Platinums! I have no appropriate wording that our earthly language can state that would tell how fantastic we know they are…. and they continued to show that awesomeness in the celebration they set before us this evening. FANTASTIC!!


As dinner was finishing up, we had visits from the ENTIRE 4Life staff (Vice Presidents and above, including Dr. Vollmer), with many of them, including 4Life President Steve Tew and 4Life Co-Founder Bianca Lisonbee, stating how amazing Team Bond continues to be, and that we are taking the world. The biggest news announced by them is that Korea is now the largest International Market in the world for 4Life! They also gave tribute to the newest Platinum’s from Korea… Grace Chun and Lee Sun Woo, along with another special tribute to Team Bond Founder and 4Life’s third Platinum International Diamond, Bonnie Taylor… noting that this is only the beginning for us all!


I must admit to becoming quite emotional as Bianca spoke of my Mother and the Team, as I looked around the room at what had come from her dream. This dream had become everyone’s in that room, and the dream of thousands of others that could not be present that evening.


As the 4Life staff finished their praise of Team Bond International, the Celebration went into the “recognition” part of the evening, with awards being presented, and tears of joy flowing. 4Life Platinum International Diamond’s, Ray and Barbara Meurer attended, with Ray giving an amazing and uplifting talk of Team Bond proving to be a force of good… in which paired with 4Life, that there is nothing we cannot do together. Very inspiring indeed!


Moving into the entertainment part of the evening is always FUN! There were great performances by many, really showing how this World Family loves and works with each other toward making lives better. That stated, there was one hitch which ended in miracle. Before the celebration began, we had found that one of our Japanese family, Manabu Shinjo, was missing his bag that contained all of his money, and more importantly, his passport! And even so, our Team Bond Japan family performed wonderfully with a precision clapping performance, and demonstration of Karate by Gold International Diamond Tadashi Shinjo!! Soon after this performance would a 4Life staff member enter the party, returning Manabu’s bag, with all of his monies and passport intact! Truly miraculous! The evening continued with Team Bond USA then singing the USA National Anthem while in a parade. Even little Kaylynn Sigmen, (Bonnie’s great granddaughter and Rick and Paige’s daughter) participated! It was wonderful! Then, Dr. Tjokorda’s  son and daughter sang a beautiful love song that was emotional to all. And what beautiful voices!! I must state that Team Bond Korea ignited the dancing flame however! They began with an amazing cultural dance with about 20 women dressed in amazing gowns. They had fans that they utilized in creating wonderful shapes in their dance… and I was taken aback by the beauty of what I witnessed. Suddenly, the music changed, and I was again taken aback in excitement as the the dancers pulled their gowns away, and were all dressed to dance…. GANGNUM STYLE!! What a sight to behold, and what a rush this was as each dancer celled upon the rest of the room to join in… which they did!! My daughter Paige got up and joined in, and once again little Kaylynn was taken out on the dance floor by our Korean family!! It was AMAZING!! And VERY EXCITING!! This continued until the end of the night, the room becoming a night club of dance and celebration for all!


I stand amazed at what was started nearly two decades ago by Bonnie Taylor. She began with just a borrowed phone and a stool, and thousands are now celebrating because she did so. We are from all over this world… We are Team Bond International!! We Run As One!! And we are UNITED!!


Kurt Kuhn

Gold International Diamond

Dr. Jase Khyeam sent out a thank you letter to those who attended the party:

I am so happy that you came to our Team Bond Party at the Atlanta convention! It meant a lot to us! As always, I was so touched by how we were all “United” and how we plan to move forward! I felt so positively happy for our 4Life success! I feel more committed to 4Life and will make the leaders of Team Bond even more successful for the Korean Asian Convention in May 2017!  Wow! This is so great!

Dr. Jase Khyeam

Platinum International Diamond