The third Powered By Platinum’s event took place in Anaheim, California on April 9, 2011.  It was a dynamite event with over 1,500 attending!  Of course, some of those in attendance were our own Team Bond members.

The entire day included full trainings by each of the Platinum’s, touching on many different subjects.  This was the THIRD workshop because of a very strong demand for this event from distributors around the world.  The FOURTH will be held in October, 2011 in Miami, Florida.  If you have missed any of these, you will want to make plans to be in Florida!

The Anaheim event was an extra special occasion, as we all welcomed David and Bianca Lisonbee back from their mission in Italy.  It was inspirational to see and hear about their accomplishments while they were there.  And of course, it is a joy to have them back with us!

Take a look at some of the comments and pictures below from our Team Bond members:

From Barbara Wagner, Gold International Diamond from Team Bond California

In Network Marketing we talk a lot in superlatives but this is how we can express our emotions. Indeed I only can use superlatives to express how much  my distributors and I enjoyed this event!

It makes me feel proud to be connected to such a fine company and fine
up-line. I am very blessed to have Bonnie Taylor as my up-line, trainer and mentor and it makes me proud to see Bonnie on stage as my up-line Platinum.  She demonstrated again what a fine teacher and trainer she is.

This was the best Platinum event we have had, and everything was very well  put together with different tropics and lots of training.  There was lots of excitement, especially from Juan Rosado, who has his own show. It seems that there was a new quality when everyone spoke and it shows how much everyone grew.

My people and I enjoyed it tremendously and I want to thank you for all the
work you have been doing for me and my leaders.

Barbara Wagner

From International Diamond Wendy Young of Team Bond California

I thought the convention was extremely helpful. All of the platinum members were able to teach us several strategies for success. They were also able to relate their struggles and experiences with us, which I found very inspiring. I was especially impressed by how Bonnie emphasized that it was our choices that determined our success, not our chances. This encouraged me a great deal, and also encouraged my down-lines. Many of them told me afterwards that they were inspired to work harder, both because of the tips and strategies and because of the great examples provided by our Platinum’s.

Wendy Young

From Presidential Diamond Blanche Feng of Team Bond California
I took as many notes as I could at the event because all these trainings are so important to creating a strong business builder.  I couldn’t wait to translate them into Chinese and share them with those who did not attend.

Blanche Feng

From Diamonds Karen and Frank Ayres from Team Bond Oregon

I have to use my favorite word to describe the platinum conference: AWESOME!!

This event was one of the best ever.  The 4life platinum leaders gave us some really great things to take home and think about.  I learned some very valuable lessons.  Each platinum speaker shared from their heart to help all of us succeed.

I heard there were over 1500 attending and everyone had only good things to say when the event was over.   It was really great to see many of our friends from all over.  There were lots of hugs and smiles.Everyone who did not go missed out.

Karen and Frank Ayres

From Presidential Diamonds John and Joyce Humer of Team Bond Oregon:

We especially enjoyed the 1st 3 speakers, Bonnie Taylor, Ray Muerer, and Juan Rosado.

We loved it when Bonnie said the following things,   “It is choice not chance that determines out destiny.”  “Overcome your disease of attitude.”  “Overcome challenges by doing.”

Ray Muerer talked about how to help your down-line refine their testimony.  How to get it one down to 3 minutes by practicing in front of a mirror; practicing in front of your family; practicing into a recorder; and even practicing in front of your family pets, until you have it refined.  Ray’s talk on the 1 minute elevator presentation, was especially helpful.

Juan Rosado talked on “Respect is serving with love.”  “Respect is love made better”  “Treat people better than yourself.”   “Build people up.”  “Love them.”  “He who loves is not envious, but patient.”  In relationships, “Fill the need of the needy.”  “Take the happening and make it better.”

Joyce and John Humer