TEAM BOND at 2012 Philadelphia Convention PASSPORT TO FREEDOM

The 2012 Passport to Freedom Convention has now passed, but WHAT A CONVENTION IT WAS!!! Among the 8000 attendees from all over the planet was Team Bond… and it’s world members! This was a fantastic convention for 4Life and Team Bond as several of our Team were recognized in the major accomplishments that were made in the past year and a half since the last convention. We are proud of Team Bond, and what accomplishments you all continue to make! We have until October 2013 that we may thrive even more, spreading the 4Life dream, and Transfer Factor to the entire world that has yet to hear of us! We are in that powerful “Momentum” phase that has been being talked about for years…. and of which all network marketing companies thrive to get to. This is the time millionaires are made! Team Bond will be among them in their massive numbers, creating dreams… and making Transfer Factor a household name! We move together “AS ONE”…. Together, Building People!

Enjoy the Highlights of each day in Photo and Video form!

Some of the photos may not be in order as I did me best to remember the sequences.

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April 18, 2012

Platinum and Gold Dinner / Auction

The excitement began with a fantastic dinner for the Platinum’s and Gold’s at the National Constitution Center where Team Bond’s Platinum’s and Gold’s got to meet a few member of the world famous “Harlem Wizards” performing Basketball Team! After a fantastic dinner, and an amazing performance of skill by the “Wizard’s”, an exciting auction began for two pieces of the Basketball flooring that would be used in the upcoming Platinum’s vs. Executives Charity Basketball Game. All proceeds from this auction and game would go to the Foundation 4Life to do good for people in need all over this planet. Needless to say…. two of our Platinum’s won the flooring! Ray and Barbara Meurer topped the flooring bid for $6,600! Then, if that wasn’t enough, Platinum Bonnie Taylor opened the point challenge toward the Executive Team at $600 per point scored by her Platinum Team in the game! This was enhanced to $1000 per point for the entire charity game, PLUS another $20,000 to be paid separately by the losing team to the Foundation! It was a feeding frenzy of charitable contribution by all in attendance creating quite the prize waiting for the foundation upon the completion of the upcoming game the next day! An outstanding display of the people who make up the Distributors of 4Life… giving back to a world in need!

Here are a few photos of the many available…

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April 19, 2012

Lunch with Stephen Covey / Platinum vs Exec BBall Game / Team Bond Party / 4Life Opening Party

The day began quickly with several meetings that went right into the inspirational lunch with Stephen Covey as he spoke to us all about the importance of “Trust” in life and business. With Trust, progress moves much faster, while without it, business tends to lag behind, never progressing. The lunch was fantastic and full of valuable information all in Team Bond should utilize for their own success!

Then came the Basketball game everyone was waiting for…. Platinum’s vs Executives! The game was full of excitement as both teams played aggressively! Several points were scored by both teams as Platinum Ray Meurer sank a few 3 pointers! Then right in the middle of it all, Platinum Bonnie Taylor grabbed the ball, handing it off to her player…. one of the HARLEM WIZARDS… as he easily dribbled the ball past the Executive team to do a flying slam dunk in their faces! It was a beautiful moment indeed!

Then came the part of the night that Team Bond always looks forward to…. the Team Bond Party. This years party was entitled a “New World” as several limousine Buses picked up the Team and brought them to the beautiful Castle setting at Cairnewood! What a fantastic and majestic sight this was in the dusk hours of the day! The entire castle was for Team Bond that night…. each room with a different world food menu, and even a room for desserts alone! Let’s not forget the bar! Everyone had a fantastic time as the different countries represented gave performances distinctive to their area of the world. Then the awards ceremony started as everyone was recognized for their efforts and advancements! Tear flowed, and laughter spread with the family comradery that has been built among this team over the years! Team Bond is truly a remarkable team among all 4Life Distributors!

Here are a few photos of the many available…

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photos from this day (4/19) in ZIP file form.

April 20, 2012

Meetings / Speeches / Awards and Recognition Gala

The momentum continues in this fantastic Convention… the day leading off with several group meetings followed by our Platinum’s speeches! Over 8,000 stood as Bonnie Taylor entered the stage, screaming her name and clapping in support of her appearance! Assisting her with her presentation was her son, Gold International Diamond Kurt Kuhn. As she painted the picture with her words of success, the crowd again screamed and clapped in support of what she had to say. Many would stop her for photos later, telling her this was her greatest speech to date, and that it touched them like no others did!

Following her was another of Team Bond’s Platinum’s….. RAY MEURER! As the first 4Life Platinum ever, Ray commanded the stage and audience as everyone hung on his every word! Ray literally made everyone see a slide behind him that didn’t exist albeit in his description of success! The crowd went crazy as Ray completed his speech, ending the speakers for that day’s events!

Then was the Awards and Recognition Gala that night! An even like no other seen in 4Life to date! A massive stage sided by two 150 foot long screens for each side of the participants to view! The event began with the Awards being given to many of whom are in Team Bond! 4Life’s Founder and CEO gave his special awards to those he thought were going out of their way to spread the 4Life dream. He calls it the “Silver Dollar Award”. Team Bond members are not unfamiliar with this award as the first time it was given was to one of out Team Members years ago with Masa Urasaki! This night would shine on two more Team Bond members with this award… International Diamond Tim Chu, and International Diamond Kang Ok Nye walked the stage with pride as they were given this award by David Lisonbee himself! Then we would see even more as Team Bond Gold’s Tadashi Shinjo and Dr. Jase Khyeam were given the “Beacon of Hope” awards in light of their worldly achievements! This could only be topped off with the different ranks doing their walk of nations! Thousands upon thousands walked the stage that evening, waving their nations flags all for one common goal…. 4LIFE!! It was then that the Platinum’s appeared with huge bright lights behind them…emerging from the giant LED wall the split to let them through! The crowd went crazy with admiration and support toward the people responsible for all of them sharing the dream, and allowing them to be there that night through their success! What an amazing night it was!

Here are a few photos of the many available…

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photos from this day (4/20) in ZIP file form.

April 21, 2012

Keynote Speaker J.R. Martinez / Closing Ceremony!

The last day is always the most emotional for everyone at Convention! Listening to the heartfelt example that J.R. Martinez provides to us all through his life’s happenings, it is apparent to us all that no matter how bad we think we have it, realization comes through that things can be much worse. And even then…. we always pick ourselves up and continue where most people would not. We are NETWORK MARKETERS! We are the FUTURE of this world’s success and economy!

Here are a few photos of the many available…

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photos from this day (4/21) in ZIP file form.

April 22, 2012

Team Bond High Achievers Luncheon / Until Next Convention!

As everyone is leaving the Convention Center hotel to go back to their countries, it is Team Bond that stays for one last event… the High Achievers Luncheon that Bonnie Taylor gives to those who perform above and beyond to bring the 4Life Dream to the world. With tears Bonnie expresses her extreme thanks, and her words of passion to never stop. Team Bond reaches all over this world… and we have made an impact!

Until Next Convention…. Success Be Yours!