LISTEN NOW!! TEAM BOND 2012 Holiday Call! Hosted by Bonnie Taylor and featuring Amazing Guests!

Team Bond

2012 Holiday Call!!


December 10, 2012


Call Your Upline For the Number!

Note from Platinum… Bonnie Taylor

Hello Leaders everywhere in the WORLD…..

I am calling on you to put together something VERY BIG AND VERY IMPORTANT FOR TEAM BOND AND FOR YOUR TEAM. We are planning our ANNUAL CHRISTMAS CONFERENCE CALL for Monday December 10th USA time, on our usual weekly call. As you know, we LOAD this call with all the most important executives in 4Life to talk to all of us about the progress 4Life has shown in 2012 and what to expect in 2013. IT IS A MAJOR CALL WHICH NO ONE SHOULD MISS. We are asking that YOU please work hard to either gather all your people in one place to listen, or be sure they all call in individually from their own homes. It is much more fun and energy producing to have them all together. I suggest you have a potluck where everyone brings some kind of food and make a party out of it for your team. Since Team Bond has grown so big, we need each of you leaders to coordinate your own methods of getting all your people to listen. In the past we found conference companies where all our people could call in then one person connects that conference line to ours so you all can listen. And those of you needing translation should arrange some kind of screen where the translator can type the translation to be read as it is happening. My assistant Yoshiko will translate the Japanese and we will let you know how to access this language. Do not underestimate the power this call can have on your group or on your prospects (and YES! Prospects should be invited….especially those you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to impress !) This is a RARE occasion and something the executives do not do often. To have them all in one place at one time is AWESOME ! We will have YOU first introduce yourself, then you can introduce your teams by CITY…..not individuals. We do not have time for that. So coordinate your teams to make this happen the right way please. You have THIS WEEK remaining to put this together. Please inform me personally through email as you get it done. ( Thank you so much! LETS IMPRESS OUR EXECUTIVES WITH THE POWER OF TEAM BOND.



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