Team Bond “2010 Festival of Nations” Party – Multi Group – HUGE SUCCESS!

Even with Platinum International Diamond, and Hostess Bonnie Taylor not present, the party must go on! This year Bonnie decided to unite the other major groups in 4Life with our Team Bond for a wonderful night’s kick-off party to the 2010 4Life BIG Convention!

Since Bonnie was unable to attend, one of Team Bond’s brightest stars, Karen Ayres, sent Bonnie updates of all happenings… AS they happened!

So… here are Karen’s reports as they came in… for ALL to enjoy! Thank you Karen!

3:47 PM Juan is speaking right now. We are listening but its in Spanish. Ha!

7:00 PM          Party Begins!

7:10 PM          Rich Decker says Hi. He said to tell you the party is BEAUTIFUL

7:40 PM          Nathan Larsen is introducing 4Life’s executives now. Trent Tenney, Alan Michaelis,  Mark Petersen, Rich Decker, Daniel Taylor, Deborah Hatch & Jeff Kalinin.

7:42 PM          Dr McCausland just introduced Health Sciences Advisory Board members. Dr Rob Robertson, Dr Rick Bennett, Dr Teresa Tomalska,  Dr Vijendra Singh.

7:46 PM          Now introducing  4Life’s foreign General Managers: Jenny Bean – Greater China, Kyle Yang – Taiwan, Deddy Aryadi – Indonesia. Evelyn Thom – Australia, Tony Lee – Korea, Scott Dalton – Japan. Queenie Li – Hong Kong.

7:47 PM          Nathan just said he misses you and loves you.

7:49 PM          Nathan just introduced and had stand – Ray Meurer and Dr. Jase Khyeam.

7:52 PM          Nathan is talking about Dr Robertson and Ray Meurer and how they always are there to help all of us.  Now about 90 Days of Power.

7:54 PM Janice Skeen was introduced and they continue talking about 90 days of Power.

7:55 PM          Yoshiko Gass is  interpreting

7:57 PM          Introduced Angela and David Crist, telling about how quickly their group grew using 90 Days of Power.

7:58 PM          Challenge your group to work using 90 days of Power. You can do this!

8:00 PM          Just introduced Ray Meurer –  everyone standing and clapping.

8:05 PM          Ray and Barbara Meurer are on stage. Ray talking. Barbara left stage. Ray talking. Ray loves the book called  What got you Here won’t get you There”. Ray said that is where he is. “We are living our dream”

8:13 PM          Ray Meurer is talking about Bonnie. “I always go back to that sweet voice saying.  Ray I’m coming after you”. She had commitment and action. And I love her very much.

8:16 PM          Ray now introducing all the Gold International Diamonds attending,

8:20 PM          Dr Robertson, Rob Robertson III, Elizabeth Krakowiak, Tadashi Shinjo, Manami Uemura, Barbara Wagner, Dr. Jase Khyeam. All now on stage.

8:21 PM          All International Diamonds going on stage and shaking hands. Poncho just got married.

8:33 PM          Presidential Diamonds going on stage and shaking hands. Diamonds now.

8:40 PM          Yoshiko had me ask for more desserts. Everything going as planned. Frank says we are ahead of schedule.

8:44 PM          Are you getting my emails?  Am I sending too many?

8:45 PM          Doing drawing for centerpiece

8:45 PM          Frank won centerpiece

8:51 PM          Team Bond Japan with Tadashi Shinjo are entertaining now.

9:00 PM          Team Bond from Hawaii:  Taka Nakayama, Michi Inafuku, Dr Rick Bennet and 2 women are doing hula to BLUE HAWAII.

9:06 PM          Taka got Ray, Jase and a bunch of other people on stage doing hula. Everyone is laughing.

9:07 PM          Yes all golds were on stage shaking hands with Internationals, Presidentials and Diamonds

9:09 PM          Team Bond Australia is singing Waltzing Matilda.

9:11 PM          AWESOME FOOD and DESSERTS. Desserts still on tables. Rest of food gone.

9:12 PM          Robert Lee also won a centerpiece

9:13 PM          Talking to Blanche Feng, Robert Lee and David Wong. All say HELLO

9:15 PM          Team Bond Canada on stage now red and black costumes with blinking lights. Doing magic tricks. Mysterious music playing

9:18 PM          Dr Singh got called up to help with magic trick.

9:24 PM          Team Bond Korea now on stage in beautiful dresses plus Jase and another man. Women singing Korean song. AWESOME!!

9:28 PM          In Korean they are singing TEAM BOND, TEAM BOND, WE LOVE BONNIE. THANK YOU BONNIE.    Blanche just interpreted for me to tell you.

9:29 PM          Polish dance just getting introduced.

9:30 PM          Dr Singh was brought up. Dr. Teresa Tomalska told a story about the dance. Woman singing in Polish.

9:31 PM          Dr Singh still on stage. Dancer dancing around him. Audience clapping

9:34 PM          Jase said he has someone in his group recording his speech. Not to worry

9:36 PM          Polish dance great. Team Bond Chinese on stage now. Singing a love song. Blanche Feng and Tim Chu singing with 10 people singing. Pretty good.

9:39 PM          Audience LOVED the Chinese song.

9:41 PM          Our MC Madeline thanking hotel staff. Now introducing our guest from Ohio.  Dr. Janice Skeen and Patrick Fran with their big group of people holding lit tourches. Janice is reading.

9:42 PM          One person is dressed as the Statue of Liberty. God Bless America being played

9:43 PM          Streamers…being rolled out. Janice reading great. WOW AWESOME!!!!!!

9:43 PM          Audience standing and clapping

9:46 PM          Dr Jase Khyeam  now on stage.

9:47 PM          Jase. “WE ARE FAMILY”.

9:48 PM          Jase “WE HAVE TRANSFER FACTOR”. Just the beginning for me. We need to move forward. Bonnie is not here we all say WE LOVE BONNIE  WE LOVE BONNIE.

9:51 PM          Jase. “We need to go forward”. For me to make international diamond took 3 months. I look in mirror and say I can do it. I said YOU ARE NOT Inyternational diamond. YOU ARE GOLD.  I achieved Gold!

9:51 PM          I am making you a promise in 18 months I will be Platinum

9:52 PM          We’re are all here to be successful

9:53 PM          Say to yourself. In 18 months next convention I am going to be GOLD or INTERNATIONAL

9:57 PM          Party over!