TEAM 4Life – Freestyle Aerialist – Alexa Devereaux

Salt Lake City, Utah (August 23, 2012) Today, 4Life executives were onsite at the Utah Olympic Park (UOP) to watch Team 4Life freestyle aerialist Alexa Devereaux train as a hopeful for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia.

Alexa trains at the UOP for five to six hours a day, five days a week. After waxing her skis, her coach Sharlee Holland assigns her two flips with straight body positioning before moving onto twisting with a lay-full—two flips with a 360˚ spin in the second flip.

“I recently traded in my 150s for 160s,” says Alexa of her skis. “The extra length gives me a bit more room to lean back on.”

Coming off the ramp, Alexa is moving at a speed of approximately 55 kilometers, or 38.5 miles per hour. After landing in the pool, she removes her skis and climbs to the platform for another jump.

In addition to skiers from the USA, members from the Australian National Team and many other development ski teams were onsite for training. “Not many people know that a lot of international contenders come to train here. There’s a ton of talent on this hill,” smiles Alexa.

4Life executives in attendance included Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee, President Steve Tew and his wife, Sherma, Chief Financial Officer Mark Ostler, Senior Vice President, International Jeff Kalinin, and Vice President of Field Development Nathan Larsen.

David Lisonbee: “Alexa represents 4Life distributors very well, on and off the hill. It’s great to have her as an advocate of our 4Life Transfer Factor® products. Like other members of Team 4Life, her personal endorsement empowers distributors with a valuable message of credibility, and the benefits of athletics and supplementation.”