LISTEN NOW!! TB Opportunity Call featuring GOLD Kurt Kuhn, Presidential Joyce Humer, and Diamond Frank Ayres – Monday, May 9, 2011

Team Bond


Listen to our Guest Speaker,

GOLD International Diamond

Kurt Kuhn

along with his guest speakers…

Presidential Diamond

Joyce Humer



Frank Ayres

Hosted by Diamond, Karen Ayres!

Listen to Joyce Humer speak of her continued success

with the 4Life Product Line, and how it has effected her!

Then hear Frank Ayres speak of the Team Bond Business plan,

and how it continues proving to be successful!

And even MORE!!

Kurt Kuhn speaks of how NOW is the time

to make the change in your life!

Bring your team with you!

This call includes the first 5 minutes of intro music

by Mandy Moore and Kris Allen

Effective March 14, 2011, you can listen to the Opp Call Recording

30 minutes after the call completes! And even DOWNLOAD it to keep!

Simply come back to the TeamBond4Life site, click on the

Opportunity Call title with “LISTEN NOW” that will then be leading it,

then click on the button that states

“Listen To This Call NOW by Clicking This Button!”

To DOWNLOAD it to keep, just “Right-Click” on the Button, and choose “Save Target As”,

Then choose where to place the file on your computer, and click “OK”! …. That’s it!