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Tanizawa, Kosuke


Thank you very much for checking my page.

I would like to start with my short introduction.  I was born in Hiroshima, Japan in 1985.  I was a healthy boy loving to play outside when I was small.

Hobbies: I love cars and driving.  I also like reading.  I love to read motivational books.  I gain true power from reading.  I believe one proper book would lift me up when I get depressed.

Specialties: Karate which I learned from 16 years old until 22 years old.  I won a few times in competitions.  I also learned happiness to reach goals through Karate.  I am not sure if I can call these as specialties, but I gained mentality and patience through Karate.

My family: my wife and son.  My wife and I dated for 5 years and got married in July, 2009.  Our son was born in June, 2010.

Now I would like to share something with you about 4Life.  I learned about 4Life from one of my friends.  When I heard about 4Life business at the business, being honest with you, I could not understand the contents well.  I still felt big possibilities because everyone’s eye of the person who talked about 4Life, the friend who introduced me 4Life, the people who are working together was shining so much.

They had only people with clear dreams there.  I had never seen people shining so much.  I didn’t doubt and started 4Life business.  I am certain I didn’t make a mistake to join 4Life.

I was able to hold a dream through 4Life.  I can make it come true as long as I don’t give up.  Happiness is waiting at the end if I don’t give up even if it is tough and difficult.  That is why I can work hard.  For my precious family, for my team members, for people I am going to met, I want to keep delivering 4Life.  My dream is….. to save as many people as possible while I am on this earth.  I especially want to save children.  This is my true wish.  That is because I am blessed with a child although we have so many children without blessings.  I want to give hope to those children.  I also want to show such myself to my son wishing him to become such a great person to save other people.  That is my biggest dream now!

Kosuke Tanizawa, Kidani group, Hiroshima, Japan

日本 木谷グループ 谷澤 宏輔


By upline Shuji Yoshikawa

“Kosuke has a strong passion.  He is a leader to affect many people with his passion.”