Team Bond



for achieving the rank of


Platinum Bonnie Taylor is joined by the masses of Team Bond International im this great congratulations to Geroge Fei and his Team for achieving what we consider to be the first true GOLD position for Taiwan!

George Fei and his team have fought through the past errors made in Taiwan, making it a very tough country to work in, only to prevail in the great title of GOLD International Diamond this month!!


George Fei and his team have worked years in bringing Taiwan up into the market we always thought they should be. This achievement of GOLD for George is well earned and will be followed by even more upcoming titles in that team’s success movements! Without George’s efforts, Taiwan would still be in it’s beginnings in 4Life. With teamwork in place…. and now a GOLD that is in that area, Taiwan and China will be the largest markets in 4Life very soon! Congratulations to George and his amazing Team of Distributors that have pushed very hard to make this happen!

Gold I.D.

Kurt Kuhn