Confidence was high as the largest crowd ever gathered in a Taiwan event happened on July 21, 2012 at the 4Life Taiwan Convention held in Tainan! Nearly 600 distributors attended this amazing recognition evening as 4Life Taiwan Manager Kyle Yang announced the promotion of Shawn Soh to be the new Senior Manager of Chinese Markets. Then following  a fantastic speech by International Diamond George Fei, we witnessed many, upon many new Diamonds, Presidential Diamonds, and even a new International Diamond recognized on stage that evening! It was an exciting night indeed as International Diamond Dr. Timothy Chu, and Gold International Diamond Kurt Kuhn took the stage to speak on the convention’s theme… FAITH, COMMITMENT and VISION! All the aspects needed to succeed in any market in the world! Directly after their speech, Dr. Chu received the highest order award in 4Life that CEO and Founder of 4Life, David Lisonbee awards to ONLY those people he believes is making the greatest efforts to improve lives with the 4Life Opportunity…..the SILVER DOLLAR Award! Vice President Steve Apple presented this award to Dr. Chu at this fantastic event! Then, closing the event was again 4Life Vice President Steve Apple telling the crowd of the success everyone in 4Life is experiencing with the work they are doing all over the planet. The future is ours and Team Bond is leading the way of Distributor SUCCESS in these countries!