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Tadashi & Saeko Shinjo




“2009 marks my 10th anniversary with 4Life®. Time flies! During those years, I have toured the nation, expanding my 4Life business and supporting my organization every day. But my business has not been contained only in Japan. Last year, I had a chance to hold 4Life opportunity meetings in Sydney, Australia, and Calgary, Canada. My 4Life business has spread all over the world including team members in Hawaii, Los Angeles, California, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

One of the reasons my business is successful is because 4Life Transfer Factor® is so effective. And not only does it help support people’s health, but the opportunity to work at their own business helps make people happier and have a means of reaching out to help others.

Since being introduced to 4Life Transfer Factor, my life has changed dramatically. Not only has my family enjoyed excellent health support, we have also been able to travel abroad together, enjoy trips, and a lifestyle freed of time and money constraints. I never thought I would have such opportunities before starting my 4Life business. I continue to enjoy the benefits of health, freedom, and financial means and love sharing the opportunity with others to have the same.”


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