Suh Bok Hee – INTERNATIONAL Diamond

Suh Bok Hee


I have three blessings in my life.  Firstly, I met my husband, who is a sincere Christian and who loves GOD so much.

Secondly, I met GOD for myself, and keep living God’s life since I met HIM as a teenager….

Thirdly, I met 4Life from my long time friend, Grace Chun from Korea. She has been my dear friend for more than 30 years… and I trust whatever she has to say.  She recommended to me that I learn more out the TF opportunity.  With TF, my brother in law got well from his chronic liver problem, and I am so happy to share this amazing TF opportunity around the world. I am in living in Helsinki, Finland, and continue sharing our 4Life business with everyone I know.  It is a big blessing for me to know God’s miracle molecule, called Transfer Factors.

Suh Bok Hee



Grace from Finland is wonderful leader.  She started her 4life business when her brother in law, a pastor, got well from 15 years of chronic liver problems.  His liver count was almost 400, however after taking Transfer Factor, Transfer Factor Plus and Super Detox for two months, he recovered and brought his liver count to 28 ! !  This was amazing! !  Grace was so convinced by these products, she could clearly see this opportunity.  Grace came to Korea, which is her motherland, introduced Transfer Factor to the people.  She achieved International Diamond in short time.   She is very passionate and loves to help others. She will continue her 4Life business so she can help so many people around the world. It was so nice meeting Grace thru this 4Life.

Dr. Jase Khyeam

GOLD International Diamond