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Subby Salanitro



Upon getting involved with 4-life Research, I realized what tremendous leadership was in place and what an opportunity there was for anyone that applied themselves to become successful with this company. The other thing that really was impressive to me was the marketing plan. With the Rapid Rewards and the Power Pool, a new distributor can begin earning in their first month in our business.  I took advantage of this and in a reasonably short time was able to climb the ladder to International Diamond. The
opportunity is unlimited. The only limitations are those that you place upon yourself. Whether you are young or old, female or male or of any ethnic origin, you can do this business.

The fuel that drives this business is the Transfer Factor product and what it does for people. I have never seen a product that does so much for the immune system of so many people.  When you have an amazing immune system your body can overcome a variety of ailments.  Our research doctors are working constantly to improve and expand this product line.  And with the Team Bond leadership of our own Bonnie Taylor and her trainings, how can you
go wrong?

Subby Salanitro


Team Bond Trainer


Subby Salanitro is one of the leaders who joined our group during the early years of 4Life.  He has had the pleasure of seeing this company literally grow around the world.  We have had the pleasure of working with Subby all these years.  He is one of the most effective recruiters I have ever seen, as well as having tremendous patience and tact to take on whatever is necessary to get a job done. Subby is an active member of our Team Bond Training Team, teaching various methods of presenting and marketing our
products and opportunity.  We are so lucky to have Subby with us!

Bonnie Taylor

PLATINUM International Diamond

Team Bond WORLD Team


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