Special Japanese Reunion!

In June 2016, Gold International Diamonds Manami Uemura and Tadashi Shinjo, Presidential Diamond Teruyuki Isokawa, the new Japanese General Manager Yutaka Nagahama, and many of the top leaders in Okinawa all hosted a very special meeting for Platinum International Diamond Bonnie Taylor. Ms. Taylor and her two beautiful granddaughters, Paige and Madison, were directly picked up from their docked cruise ship, along with 4Life International Vice President Jeff Kalinin, to visit with their Team Bond members in a beautifully planned event. There was an impressive gathering of Japanese leaders and the visitors were given a very special welcome for the reunion. They were thrilled to greet long time leaders Teruyuki Isokawa, Yuki Tamanaha, Emiko Kaneshiro, Michiko Iwasaki, Kiyomi Shinjo, and the new Japanese General Manager: Yutaka Nagahama. They provided traditional Okinawan dancing to welcome the group and were all able to share training with those in attendance.

Japan was the first international company to open in 4Life, and many of those instrumental for the opening were at this meeting. It was truly a wonderful gathering and an old home week for most.

Below are various pictures taken of the event!


Below are pictures provided by Gold International Diamond, Manami Uemura!