SITE Issue Announcement

Hello Team Bond!

Last year we modified our site to function with what is called FLASH in order to better serve you in listening to the weekly Opportunity Call recordings. About a month ago, possibly longer, the makers of FLASH (ADOBE) released a security update for all who use it to view sites. This update caused all broswers (like Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, Google Chrome, etc.) that operate on 64 bit computer systems to no longer be able to see that actual player to listen to the calls. I have been working diligently to find an answer to this issue, just as ADOBE has been trying. They have released a few updates that have not worked in correcting this issue, and they keep trying. I have several experts also looking at the issue to see if they can correct the problem.  Until that time, if you have an older computer, try using it to view our site. In addition to that option, I will be placing a link below the player (which is seen as a white bar, or not at all). This link will contain a zip folder that has the MP3 Recorded call within it. When clicking on the link, choose to SAVE FILE AS, then tell it where to save it on your computer. Once downloaded, simply right click on the file itself and choose EXTRACT HERE. When it is finished a new, unzipped folder will appear that you can open and find the MP3 file to play. The play the file, simply double click on it, or right click on it and choose PLAY. This file will now be on your computer to keep, or delete as you see fit.

Below are examples of what our page should look like… and what it looks like with 64 bit system browsers.

This is what it should look like

This is what it looks like with the 64 bit computers

Please utilize the download links until ADOBE fixes their issue.

Thank you!

Kurt Kuhn

Gold International Diamond

Team Bond International