Shaji TS – New Diamond in INDIA!

Shaji TS


I am so happy to be taking TF Glucoach, because my Diabetes has improved

so much. I believe very much in 4life and their products.

The first time I talked about the 4Life opportunity with Dr.Jase Khyeam,

and I knew this would be great in India and I could have a full time career

introducing TF to Indian people. Since I knew the products worked for

me, it gave me a lot of confidence about the company and in the products.

I am going to help many people to better their lives.

Thanks to Dr.Jase Khyeam for coming to India and staying almost one month

to help us build our own organization. I will share my passion and carry on

this big mission of helping others to create a successful business in India .


T S Shaji

New Daimond



Shaji is a wonderful man, a true leader and wonderful father father of two

children .I am so happy he became a good member and is working hard for

4Life in India.

He knows about leadership and what it takes to build his own organization.

I am positive he will do whatever it takes to make it happen in India. I respect

his hard work and effort for promoting our TF and our opportunity to the people

in his country. He is an amazing leader, and he will achieve the top rank in India

for sure !

Dr.Jase Khyeam

Gold International Daimond.