Part of our primary mission is to ensure the well being of everyone we encounter, even those we have yet to encounter. As stated earlier, 4Life was started in 1998 by David and Bianca Lisonbee, while Team Bond actually took hold in 2003. 4Life has always had a strong presence in Philanthropy and Team Bond felt we could also do the same with Operation Team Bond.

Coming together, our members have given tens of thousands of dollars to world disaster relief… not to mention giving to those who suffer from famine and disease. As the years passed, and disasters increased, it became obvious to Team Bond that we were repeating the 4Life mission of Philanthropy. Thus with 4Life’s continuation of FOUNDATION 4LIFE, Team Bond International’s members now fully support their efforts in this mission to better the lives of everyone in the world. We encourage each and every person to stand behind these efforts for all of man kind and for a better tomorrow.

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