Ruby Lee and Henry Cheng – DIAMONDS

Ruby Lee & Henry Cheng


From the first time Bonnie asked me why I wanted to join 4Life, I responded to her, “I want to make money and improve my quality of life.” The first time 4Life was presented to me was from my upline, Blanche Fang who showed me a lot of data and medical research about transfer factor and how it helped people with boosting their immune systems.  I was very surprised and shocked at how many people it had helped throughout the years.  After I completely understood the background and products of 4Life, I knew that this was something amazing and somewhere I wanted to work at.

The most important part was that there was a success story that I could look up to for support and encouragement, Bonnie Taylor. Her proven track record of success and the tools and system she provided on her teambond4life website provided me with an excellent foundation for my own success within 4life.

There are a lot of struggles and pains going through life, but the only way to get through this is to face your problems and fears and no matter what keep pushing forward.  Achieving Diamond is just the beginning, as I continue to strive for the next level of success in 4life.

Lastly I would like to thank all of the members of the Chinese 4Life team, George Fei, Tim Chu, Wendy Young, and most of all my direct upline Blanche Feng.  Her persistency, and unwavering support and encouragement for me is truly beneficial in my success.  I really love this team and it’s members. Thank You!

Ruby Lee



Blanche Feng’s comment of Ruby Lee

I am grateful to have a leader like Ruby Lee in my team.  Ruby always demonstrates high energy with a lot of care to people and the environment.  She has a great sense of humor and wisdom toward the challenges in life.  In the past few months, I really enjoy working with Ruby and her lovely family.

At the beginning, Ruby learned the Team Bond system.   After she joined the ‘Call to Action’ project, with Bonnie’s guidance she really understood how our system worked and started to speed up.  With her hard working attitude, I believe that in a reasonable time frame, Ruby will move up to the higher rank in  4Life.

Blanche Feng

Presidential Diamond