Ro Seon Ju Kuroda – INTERNATIONAL Diamond

Ro Seon Ju Kuroda
South Korea / Japan


I am so happy Finding Transfer Factor made it possible to keep my family healthy and to join 4Life business.  We will try hard until we catch our dreams.  I would love to make many people happy.

Ro Seon Ju Kuroda

Since I met RoSeonJu (Kuroda san) from Japan through my 4life business, I noticed this lady will be a great leader, and she did it! Since she works so hard in Tokyo, Japan and Seoul, Korea both places, and she is bilingual in Japanese and Korean fluently… that is big asset for all of us, and she is on the fire now on year 2010. She has royalty in keeping longtime relationship, and which is very important in our business, and that is why she is so good in what she is doing in 4Life…She has a big passion and heart for caring her people, and I am learning from her also…Thanks for being Team Bond, Kuroda san !!!

Dr. Jase Khyeam

GOLD International Diamond

Ro 015