Ripley Wei – Diamond

Ripley Wei


I went through incredible changes from a person who would only like to talk to animals to a marketer who has to talk to people.  Since I made the commitment to follow the Team Bond Training System, I have completed many missions impossible.

In the past 2 months, my enroller Blanche Feng has professionally trained me and supported me to expand my vision as an international marketer.  She also helps me realize my potential.

Because of the 4Life business opportunity, I start to believe that I could fulfill my dreams of my life and I am very excited about it.

Ripley Wei



When Ripley told me that she didn’t like to talk to people, I was surprised and didn’t believe it.

Later, I found that she had strong desire for a better life.   She also was committed to learn the system and do whatever it takes to succeed.  Then, I followed the Team Bond Training to start the work process with Ripley across the Pacific Ocean.  It wasn’t easy!  But, it was a lot of fun and challenges.

This is the 1st time Ripley learned about MLM.  Her transformation is so amazing that no one believes that she used to talk to animals only.

Ripley started her 4Life business in Taiwan by herself, and she has achieved her Diamond rank within 8 weeks.  Her persistency and consistency are really the keys to her achievement.

It is very pleasant to work with a willing team member like Ripley, and it reflects the following sentence:

‘We can make a difference for life!!’

Blanche Feng

Presidential Diamond

Team Bond WORLD Team Apprentice