Rick Toyosato – INTERNATIONAL Diamond

Rick Toyosato
United States / Japan


Rick Toyosato has been a friend to our family for many, many years. We have come to know him as an amazing businessman, an incredible Entrepreneur and someone who delves 100% into whatever he chooses to accomplish.  His life’s achievements could fill many pages of a book!

I had the great pleasure to work with Rick in another company some time ago.  When I heard about 4Life and their incredible products, I knew Rick would want to hear about them. 4Life was a relatively new company at that time.  Rick and I flew to Utah to speak with our founder, David Lisonbee about bringing 4Life to Japan.  At  that time, 4Life had not expanded outside the U.S, however, with Rick Toyosato’s help, Japan became the first foreign country to market the 4Life products.  This was a very exciting time.

Rick filled his suitcase with thousands of dollars of Transfer Factor and flew to Japan.  He and his good friend, Yuki Tamanaha, began the 4Life business.  They then included Tadashi Shinjo and together they all spread the word across their entire country.  Japan quickly grew to become one of our largest producers.  And now, 4Life has grown into fifty two countries, with application into many more. We will always CONSIDER Rick Toyosato as the first pioneer in our Team Bond International efforts!

Bonnie Taylor

PLATINUM International Diamond

Sheesah and Rick at Day 9 Okinawa Meeting and MyHotel 003

Rick Shinjo and Uemura Day 10 Fukuoka Leadership Dinner 021

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