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Regina Shou-Jen Lee


如果说人生是不断的挑战, 我感激上帝讓我有不断学習的机会。 我说4Life 是上帝为我開的另一扇門。 他讓我相信, 只要有勇氣, 有理想, 有信心, 不論我是年轻或年老, 机会对我是公平的。 我期许自己, 勇于面对挑战, 永不放棄。 勝利必然将属於我。

Believe ‘It is never too late’.

Believe ‘I will never give up.’

没有藉口, 是肯定自己最好的方式!

Regina Shou-Jen Lee



Regina Lee has always been a successful business owner in the computer industry.  When she realized how great 4Life opportunity was, she decided to work as a distributor since October 2010.   In this short period of time, Regina applied her work ethics as a business owner and learned the business as a great apprentice.  With her strong will to succeed in the 4Life business, she definitely demonstrates the ability to grow and prosper.  We are lucky to have her as one of our leaders in the team and I look forward to sharing our friendship for the long and happy haul.

Blanche Feng


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