Ray & Barbara Meurer




I always struggled as a student and employee, flunking out of welding school and jumping from one dead-end job to another. At my first business opportunity meeting, the speaker was a high school dropout and former janitor who talked about how he had achieved finanical freedom. He was sincere and passionate, and I was moved, but skeptical, until I learned that every word was true. That night, my eyes were opened. I committed to work for freedom, instead of just working for a paycheck. My dream to be free was alive, specifically that I would become my own boss, earn no less than $100,000 per year, and be debt free. I listened to motivational drive-time audio tapes on my daily commute everyday. I read self-help and personal growth books. I took notes and studied them. I attended every event. It was never, “How far is the meeting?” but instead, “How many training tapes could I listen to on the way?” I decided that quitting was not an option. As I got better, my bonus checks increased and my life got better. Freedom for me is not about riding down Park Avenue in a Hummer Limousine and eating at the 21 Club everyday, success is about taking good care of my family. It’s freedom from the worry and stress caused by not having enough money. It’s about having choices, feeling like a winner, lighting other’s torches, showing them the path, and walking every mile with them. 4Life gave Barbara and I the opportunity for both financial success and the ability to make a difference for others. 4Life has provided us with a dream lifestyle, a professional calling, and many great friends. We continue on our mission to share it, because after all “you have to give it away to keep it.” – Ray Meurer, Platinum International Diamond