PTF! Day 2!! Platinum’s & Golds Plan the Future!

It was a huge day for the Platinum’s and Gold’s in 4Life on day 2 of the Passport to Freedom Convention! Not only was there much in rehearsal time, but also a huge International Advisory Board meeting telling what is to come this next year, and before the next convention in October of 2013! Then there was a fantastic Platinum and Gold event dinner that made thousands for the Foundation 4Life by the auction of two (16 square feet) squares of the Basketball Floor that will be used for the charity promotional game between the 4Life Executive Staff… and the Platinums themselves. Platinum’s Ray and Barbara Meurer were one of the two highest bidders for the charity! Then, in addition to the thousands already made, Platinum Bonnie Taylor started out a point system bid of $600 per point scored by the Platinums! This was followed by a new agreement of an addition $20,000 to be paid by the losing team toward the charity.

The day concluded with a major “opening” party for all to enjoy! Needless to say it was amazing!!!