Grace Chun




Ten years ago, they heard that the network marketing industry was a great way to earn an income, but they couldn’t find the right business opportunity in Korea. “One day, Gold International Diamond Dr. Jase Khyeam and International Diamond Tina Kang introduced me to 4Life® and 4Life Transfer Factor®,” commented Grace. As she learned more, Grace became more confident that 4Life would be the right place for her and her family. Grace is thankful for the characteristics that set 4Life apart from other companies, including the valuable health support provided by 4Life products, the great business opportunity, and the clear compensation plan.* “The most attractive feature is that here in Korea, many people don’t know about 4Life,” commented Grace. “I knew that if I put a plan into action, I could achieve success.” With 4Life, Grace recognized that she could make big changes in her life. “Reaching the Gold International Diamond level has been a gift,” said Grace. “I feel like I have awakened a sleeping giant within me. Everyone has the potential to achieve success, but most people waste their time and don’t develop it. 4Life is the right company to turn your life around.” Grace and her family have found value in helping others support their health and achieve success.* She encourages others to take advantage of all that 4Life has to offer. “Make a decision right now,” remarked Grace. “I seized this chance, and now it’s your turn!” – Grace Chun, Platinum International Diamond