Platinum International Diamond Dream Stories: Bonnie Taylor blogged by David & Bianca Lisonbee

Bonnie is the kind of person everyone would love to have as a friend or neighbor. Her leadership style embodies the Together, Building People philosophy. She loves people and loves seeing them succeed. Her enthusiasm and passion for 4Life, as well as her beautiful smile, are contagious.

Before working with 4Life, I achieved top positions in network marketing companies and traditional corporations. I was eventually forced to take time off from work as my parents became extremely ill and needed my assistance. I used my retirement and savings to bring in specialized doctors for my mother. I lost everything—my home, my car, and all my good credit. I was $200,000 in debt and homeless when my parents passed away.

When I was initially introduced to 4Life Transfer Factor®, I wanted nothing to do with it. I received call after call from Dr. Gary Haagen, a retired chiropractor from Washington, who was one of the very first 4Life distributors. When I saw the difference the product made in my life, it got my attention and I knew I could build a business with 4Life. I began developing my business one day at a time and now my organization, which we call Team Bond, is literally all over the world. What once seemed impossible became possible.

I now live in Clovis, California, with my family, who travels the world with me. It was my dream to have my family living on one estate together, and now my son, daughter-in-law, two granddaughters, and three dogs live with me on the estate. My daughter and adopted daughter live in other areas of the United States.

I am committed to continuing to help my organization as we take 4Life across the globe. I have created a website with my team that gives distributors around the world access to what they need for success. Distributors need a place for prospecting, training, and mentoring. They need to stay in touch with a team and in tune with activities across the world. With this kind of connection, we all can stay motivated and find the strength to succeed.

I know that each step we take, and with every effort we make, we are enriching the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Team Bond believes in and practices the 4Life philosophy of Together, Building People!