Platinum Dr. Jase Khyeam Achieves Mastermind Trainer Status

The Team Bond Master Mind Training Class is one of our most difficult trainings for serious distributors aspiring for lofty goals. It is tough and puts one through some serious paces to get through it. It is even more taxing on the trainer, as they have to monitor and counsel each participant through various difficult situations.

Dr. Jase Khyeam, Platinum International Diamond, took on this task with his Gold Rush Team from Korea. They have wanted to open all avenues for his very strong team. We typically limit these classes to 20 participants, but Dr. Jase knew that his team was so well prepared that he took on 70 (yes, 70!) for his first class. He, himself, has led the way to establish one of the fastest advancing countries in Team Bond with his Korean team, creating our famous Gold Rush with so many distributors becoming Gold International Diamonds so quickly.

But that’s not all! If this is not enough to handle, Jase has now announced that he will be conducting his second Master Mind Training class in Indonesia! We know how Dr. Khyeam works with his team and expect even greater things from Team Bond Indonesia!

It is obvious to everyone that Jase watches out for every member of his team to offer them success and give them the best possible trainings! We love and appreciate Jase and his family of successful leaders. As with all Team Bond events, we feel that they are all of our family members and are so grateful for this gift.

Here is what Dr. Jase Khyeam has to say about our Mastermind class:

I am telling all of you to contact 20 new prospects a day! These are our processing steps: our thoughts are translated into words, our words go to actions, actions into habits, habits into personality (leadership). It determines our fate. So, successful thoughts, speech, behavior, habitualization, and personality formation (leadership) will finally form our fate. We decide our destiny… all of this is leader education and a facet of self-growth.

I am so grateful for the previous Platinums who paved the way to make this a successful training for us!

It is correct to do what you don’t want to do (get out of your comfort zone and stretch more!), and if you do it (you can call 20 new people a day) it will not be a big deal! Fear, anxiety, and the psychological burden of being rejected can all be overcome by calling 20 prospects a day!

Yesterday, I watched the song recording process for a while on TV. It was an amateur singer who was recording a new song and for several hours, many mistakes occurred. The reasoning was that while the lyrics of the song were being followed by the singer, the singer’s empathy and emotions were not transmitted into the song at all. It was decided that more practice was needed. The new singer had to receive 3 days of intensive training from the Vocalist (voice expert) teacher and recorded again. Now, the proper emotions were in the new song and she passed. I see our program, MMPT, as that successfully completed music recording. We have to put out high positive energy and emotions for all new calls. Only then can our calling missions be successfully completed. Do you see it?

It’s the same! The contact force of the 20 new people we interact with is also like recording new songs… and our emotions should be included and should also be controlled by us!! It is a training to learn new self-confidence and know-how, while seeing and talking to identify leaders from the various prospects. Even many of them are rejected.

Even when you lead your own leaders later, you will be empowered by words and actions that you, yourself have already experienced. You will be able to understand their feelings (such as the darkness and frustration of rejection).

Don’t you understand? We are teaching the very important process of the essence of leadership, which is the determining part of big success.

I believe that you will do well! If you are a leader, you will find solutions to any difficulties that you are facing during this MMPT. If you are not a leader, you will find reasons and excuses not to finish your duty whenever you encounter any difficulties. I am sure you will learn so much through this, overcoming yourself by doing uncomfortable things (calling 20 new prospects a day).

Always look to the top and meet us at the summit! It is not easy, but with a “do or die” attitude, it is worth trying! Take risks and make it happen! You are all true leaders!

Good luck and I pray for big success for all of you!!!


 Dr. Jase Khyeam, Platinum International Diamond