Park Mi Ae Congratulates the New Golds!

Team Bond’s own Gold International Diamond, Park Mi Ae, would like to give her appreciation to her fellow Koreans who have recently made Gold!


To Kim Sun Mi:

Although there was failure in a previous company, you still had big dreams! Because you had already gained the vision of network marketing, you decided to try again with 4Life. And now you have become one of our newest golds! Congratulations on being a new GOLD here in Team Bond 4Life! I feel that you’re such a big success because of how well you take care of your partners, how you have patience with them, and how you bless them! What’s also important to your success is your strong belief in success through hardships! You never gave up in 4Life! Congratulations again for your success and for being a role model to never give up and to keep moving forward!


To Kim Young Ran:

This is a letter to Kim Young Ran, who achieved Gold International Diamond from her consistency, her sincere attitude, and her desire to succeed. Congratulations to Kim Young Ran, new GOLD! Because of our good and bad times together, we have grown. We were able to overcome those hardships because our dreams and goals came true. God Bless Kim Young Ran, who respects her sponsors and loves her partners, and may she become platinum!


To Kim Jong Won:

You are so amazing to be a new Gold! You shocked the world by becoming a Gold International Diamond in only 13 months! You are a leader who gives motivation to not only young people, but older people as well. You were the turning point for the big explosion in 4Life Korea, and made our own hearts beat so hard for success. I pray for your happiness and health in 4Life! Please give us another big shock by becoming a Platinum by October 2017! Again, congratulations on your success!