LISTEN NOW!! Opportunity Call featuring 4Life Sales System Manager Cody Webb, June 25, 2012

Team Bond


June 25, 2012

Listen to

4Life’s Sales System Manager

Cody Webb

Speak About Utilizing 4Life’s Sale System,

and it’s effectiveness for Your Business Growth!

Cody has over six years experience in various network marketing companies from a very large, billion-dollar public company to companies in various stages of starting up. He has been given charge of corporate communications and web marketing with no budget to several international markets with larger budgets. Cody is a marketing strategy expert and enjoys the chance to think about the best way to use all aspects of marketing to connect with and provide value to people.


Hosted by Diamond, Karen Ayres!

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View Cody in action in the video below!

Vice President of Field Development Nathan Larsen shares his recap of 4Life’s recent international convention along with Director of Product Marketing & Development Chad Renshaw, Director of Web Marketing Adam Hildebrand, and Sales System Manager Cody Webb.